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Thank you for visiting our website, J P Photography specialises in Wedding Day Photography, and are based in the marriage capital of the UK - Gretna. This website provides our price list and details of the coverage we offer, please contact us for any further information or to book our services.
Dumfries & Galloway Wedding photographs by J P Photography of Gretna

On your arrival at the registration office, you will be asked for your name, which will be checked with that days wedding list, and then you will be directed to the waiting room. As the time of your marriage approaches, the registrar who will perform the service will come to the waiting room and call for you and your guests to follow her to the marriage room. From that point on the service etc will take approx 10 to 15 minutes.

Once seated, you will be asked where you are from, when did you travel, where are you staying, are you going to the anvil etc etc. All of these questions are of course to steady your nerves. The actual service takes about 3 minutes, then signing the marriage form takes place by all concerned. Any more photographs required are then taken.

From start to finish, with photographs etc, it usually takes approx 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 hours, depending on the weather, and the number of weddings at any given time.
Weddings at Gretna Green

Our Wedding Day Packages cover the service location, and if required, the arrival of the Bride, exchanging the Wedding Rings, signing the register and visitors book. Depending on the weather, we go to the "GRETNA GREEN" sign for a couple of shots, then into the Blacksmiths Shop for the ANVIL WEDDING, and more photographs.
Gretna Green
Why use J P Photograhy for weddings in Gretna
We use the world's best professional
cameras and equipment.

We are members of "The Guild of
Wedding Photographers"

We use a top professional Lab to process
our films and would not trust anyone
else to do this vital work.

Our photographs are printed to a
professional size of 8 x 8 and on Kodak
paper, other sizes are of course available.

Your photographs would be sent by first
class post and will arrive in 7-10 days,
often even less.

I am a Gretna Resident Photographer

Whatever you may spend on your wedding arrangements, all you will have left after
your wedding day will be your husband
and your photographs:

We can't do much about your Husband


We can provide a beautiful set of photographs
We hope the above will have given you some idea of a wedding here in Gretna and then at Gretna Green over the anvil, where another little Marriage service takes place, with you both taking each other as Man and Wife. If you want any more details etc, then please contact us by phone, letter, e-mail or by using the contact form when we will do our best to help you.

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